Who does the testing?

PTCRB utilizes a third party testing system.  Qualified independent laboratories may be authorized by PTCRB to conduct testing on PTCRB’s behalf.  At a minimum, these labs must meet a specific set of requirements, which demonstrate that the lab has the tools and knowledge to test devices to the PTCRB specified test requirements.  The lab is also expected to be independent from any direct connection to a manufacturer.  This is accomplished through ISO 17025 accreditation.  The lab will demonstrate knowledge of the PTCRB requirements and processes.

There are many fully accredited PTCRB laboratories located around the world; and several  PTCRB associate laboratories to support those fully accredited laboratories.

The Role of CTIA-The Wireless Association®

CTIA-The Wireless Association has been assigned as the administrator for the PTCRB certification process.  CTIA has also assumed responsibility for administration of the PTCRB issued IMEIs.


Our Mission:

The purpose of the PTCRB is to provide the framework within which GERAN, UTRAN, and E-UTRAN device certification can take place for members of the PTCRB. This includes, but is not limited to, determination of the test specifications and methods necessary to support the certification process for GERAN, UTRAN, and E-UTRAN devices. This group will also be responsible to generate input regarding testing of devices to standards development organizations.


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